Budgets are an important part of the proposal process.  My pricing scale is set up so that you can get an idea of what your mural is going to cost.  If you already have what you want in mind it's pretty straight forward.  However there are many times when I get called to come out and look at a wall where my clients have no idea what they want, they just know they want a mural.  That's great!  These are some of my favorite jobs because I get to be extra creative.  But there in lies the rub... I can get EXTRA creative.  I spend a lot of time researching, sketching, planning, and painting my proposals.  When I have no boundaries set I think way outside the box because my favorite types of murals are spectacular murals. 

Letting me know what you are looking to spend is a gift for me.  It keeps me grounded and lets me dream up a mural that you will love.  Most importantly it gives me more time to get creative and find ways to give you the most bang for your buck.  Here is an example of a proposal without a budget, and the final mural that was reworked within budget.
full wall stone mural with pillars
business logo mural in san marcos
For this job I was asked to incorporated the logo of this business into a mural.   My proposal was for a niche in the back wall with areas where the plaster was coming off the walls to reveal ancient blocks of stone.  The logo would be cracks in the stones where light would be shining through.  Plants, a lizard and a butterfly would bring a natural feel to the mural.  The cost was around $1,600.
After submitting my proposal I learned that my clients' lease was going to be up in a year at which time he would be relocating his business.  Therefore he was not looking to spend over $500.00. So I reworked the proposal and came in under budget with the final mural.

The shelves, the dolphins and the sun ornament are real, everything else is painted.
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