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Painted Bricks-

The following video is a slideshow for painting 3-d looking bricks.  There are many different techniques on YouTube for painting bricks, but this method works best for me!

Tools needed-
painters tape
3 shades of paint (preferably all in the same family)
clear glaze
natural sponge
brick template made of poster board or cardboard
laser level or standard 4 ft. level

Stenciled Wall-

Stenciled walls are super popular right now and they're pretty easy to do if you take you time, check and double check your placement, and make staying true and level your number one concern!

For this project I created my own stencil scaled up a little bit from other stencils available on the internet. 

Tools needed:

Pattern click for the file I used
Mylar stencil sheets
Xacto knife (with extra blades)

Wall paint
Touch up roller
Wash cloth
Heavy duty tape
Painters tape
Painters plastic
Laser Level

Cross Stitch Mural-

This has been floating around the internet though a lot of the murals come out pretty wonky... In this tutorial we'll see how to get a nice clean mural that's visually appealing. 

Tools Needed:

Design here is the one I used
A large window
Chalk in assorted colors

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