Most murals will cost between $5 to $25 per sq. ft. with a $250 minumum, depending on the intricacy, the size, any obstacles I have to work around, materials etc.  That's a big range right? so how can you know what type of price tag to expect?

To convolute this topic even more, each mural that I paint is custom and therefore creating pricing guides can be a little difficult. Working on a ceiling, on rough texture, high up, or outside, or on a complicated subject (a mural with a lot of text or a lot of faces) is going to cost more than simple patterns, block colors, and large areas of less detail.  Some projects with text require templates at an additional cost, while others don't. With so many variables that have to be considered I think its unfair and a bit illogical to create a square foot price guide that could possibly mislead or discourage a potential client.


Before I start each project I create a rendering of the mural for you in photoshop with a price for recreating that image.  The dimensions of the room or wall, a picture of the room or wall, and an idea of the image/style you are looking for are the three things I need to put something together for you. 


I am ALWAYS willing to work with clients that are on a budget, and have used many creative methods of giving people the most bang for their buck!  Whether it takes breaking up a mural, painting certain sections in less detail, having the client do some prep work, etc. there is always something that can be done to bring the cost down if need be. My main goal is to create something within your budget that does not sacrifice the standards I keep for my murals.

If you already have a specific image in mind pricing is pretty straight forward.  However there are many times when I get called to come out and look at a wall where my clients have no idea what they want, or they have a general idea. That's great! These are some of my favorite jobs because I get to be extra creative.  But there in lies the rub... I can get EXTRA creative.  I love murals with lots of little details, but an hour here and two hours there painting birds and lizards can really add up!  

Letting me know what you are looking to spend keeps me grounded and lets me dream up a mural that you will love.  Most importantly it gives me more time to get creative and find ways to give you the best mural I can!

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