"I just delivered the framed magnolia painting. It looks so amazing. I can't wait to do the photo shoot and send you the images. She is getting many compliments. Thanks again! "

“Anna helped my client and I through the process of creating a custom
painting that reflects the clients aesthetic and incorporates the interior design concepts. She provided the framework within which to make the creative decisions as well as the visual process to 'see' the finished product and make any desired modifications before the painting was executed. Fabulous work!”

       Lori Ramsay
       Spaces at Home Interior Design

“Anna has an amazing talent. I first contacted her to paint the doors of our Memory Care to make them look like book cases. This will help with exit seeking. Now I have doctors, nurses and visitors trying to find their way out of the area. The book cases look so real and have provided the exact need to our Memory Care. I have hired her for more and more work, and every time she takes our breath away with the detail work. Our residents enjoy watching her paint, and she has a great time with them as well.
Anna is a professional that I would recommend for any person wanting to add a touch of class and creativity to their home or office."

       Dawn Schaper
       Regencey Fallbrook Assisted Living and Alzheimers Care

I have been in the building industry for 37 years and Anna ranks at the top with other specialty painters that I have worked with, and she is a joy to work with. I have seen her work in a number business and homes and her creativity and quality of work is fabulous, I would not hesitate to recommend Anna to anyone looking for something unique for their business of home.

       Grant Harper
       G.W. Harper Custom Builders

"I found Anna's website on google and am so glad I did. My wife had wanted a mural in a niche in our hallway for years so I decided to surprise her for her birthday. Anna worked with me to keep the whole thing a surprise. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and creative but most importantly she was just as excited as I was about the project. She painted a beautiful Tuscan scene on canvas and installed it while my wife was at work. Needless to say my wife loved it. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone who wants to accent their home with a custom mural."

       Jason Parsons

"Professional and creative! We had an area in our home above the front door that we didn't know what to do with. Anna came in and came up with a great idea that tied in elements around our home and our property. She treated our home with respect, making sure to keep all her tools tidy, keep the area clean, and above all not let my dog out! Shes just a cheery talented person and we can't thank her enough for what shes given us."

       Arlene Tedrick

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This was one of my first murals!  I was hired to paint a trompe l'oeil style window in a dining room in Fallbrook.  The shape of the window reflects the shape of the arches in the home as well as the shape of the soffit in the ceiling.  I later came back and painted clouds in the recessed area of the ceiling.
This mural was painted at the end of a hallway that ran pretty much the length of the house.  My clients wanted something that would pull your eye all the way back upon entering the house.  Their property was absolutely beautiful and full of life and color so I proposed a very bright vine around the door at the end of the hallway.
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